Canadian Historical Arms Society

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Genesee Range Operating Hours


Dec - Open 0850 hrs - Close 1614 hrs

Jan - Open 0850 hrs - Close 1625 hrs
Feb - Open 0818 hrs - Close 1716 hrs
Mar - Open 0757 hrs - Close 1812 hrs (DST Shift)
Apr - Open 0706 hrs - Close 2009 hrs
May - Open 0700 hrs - Close 2104 hrs
Jun - Open 0700 hrs - Close 2153 hrs
Jul - Open 0700 hrs - Close 2131 hrs
Aug - Open 0700 hrs - Close 2025 hrs
Sep - Open 0734 hrs - Close 1912 hrs
Oct - Open 0831 hrs - Close 1802 hrs
Nov - Open 0837 hrs - Close 1619 hrs (DST Shift)
Dec - Open 0850 hrs - Close 1614 hrs

Note that Open time on Sundays and Statutory Holidays is 1100 hrs.
** All shooting is to cease at the close time for that month. **

Genessee Range operating hours are based on our development permit with Leduc County and the sunrise/sunset times for each month.


ALL MEMBERS MUST FAMILIARIZE THEMSELVES AND ABIDE BY THE RANGE RULES. For a copy of these rules (edited September 2010), please open the link located at the bottom of this page.

C.H.A.S. Outdoor Range - A Half Section of Land at Genesee
Hours of Operation:

Monday to Saturday - 7am or 1hr after Sunrise (whichever is later) to 1hr before Sunset

Sunday - 11am to 1hr before Sunset

Range # 1

200/300/500/800m Range

Used for longer range shooting.  Has some steel targets located down range.  Also has target stands for paper targets to be used.

Targets are not allowed to be brought forward of the target stands located on the range.  No Shotguns Allowed

Note: .50 BMG is now permitted on Range #1

Range #2

100m Range

10 Benches

Used for rifle siting and target shooting.  Only shotgun ammunition allowed is Slug Ammunition.

Targets are not allowed to be brought forward of the target stands located on the range.

Note: .50 BMG is now permitted on Range #2

Range # 3 

25/50m Range

3 Tables, 5 Sitting benches
Pistol Calibres and Rimfire ONLY.

Centrefire Rifle Calibres may by used on positions at 50m on paper targets only.  

Targets are not allowed to be brought forward of the target stands located on the range.  No Shotguns Allowed
Hanging steel targets on Range #3 restricted to pistol calibres or rimfire ONLY.

Range # 4

0-25m Range

Standing Line

Pistol Calibres and Rimfire ONLY

Used for short range pistol cartridge and rimfire firearms. 

Shotgun Ranges
3 Shotgun Ranges located to the left of the Range Shack. 

#7½ shot or smaller only.

Archery Range located at the end of the shotgun area

Authorized Targets for Genesee Range.

Below is a list of targets that are authorized for use on Genesse Range.

Any manufactured paper, cardboard, re-sealable and plastic targets.

Steel targets shall only be made of AR500 steel only.

Absolutely NO ground targets are allowed! All targets shall be suspended and immediately in front of the rear berms. No targets will be allowed anywhere forward of the berms.

These rules may be waived during AUTHORIZED CHAS events under the direct supervision of an RSO.

For any deviation of ANY CHAS rules, it must be submitted in writing PRIOR to the event, on the approved form, to the CHAS President stating what you would like to use, when you would like to use them, and reasons for the deviation. Click on Deviation Form for submission.

 For Information on Ranges you can email Andrew Blundell - EMAIL

As there are leagues operating within this club make sure to check the website often to ensure that a range is not being used before you go out!

The Phoenix Range & Gun Shop
4706 - 76 Avenue

Phoenix indoor range is available to C.H.A.S. members FREE OF CHARGE on Tuesday nights from 6:00pm - 9:30pm.

Reminder RE: Range Sign in Process for Genesee

Please ensure that you are familiar with the sign-in process for the Genesee Range and note that all members and guests, whether shooting or not, MUST be signed in at all times.  

     Step 1 - use your swipe card at the main reader in front of the gate.  Then use your swipe card at each range. (This is to monitor range usage to properly allocate monies to the more used ranges)

     Step 2 - sign your guest(s) in as YOUR guest(s), including the date, their name & your membership number as their host*

     Step 3 - print your guest's name, your name, your membership number and date on one of the available envelopes** and enclose $20 which includes the NFA Liability Insurance Fee***

     Step 4 - place the completed, sealed envelope (along with the enclosed, FULL amount of $20 in REAL Canadian money - NOT Canadian Tire money, Monopoly money, or what ever loose change you happen to have on you at the time!) in the provided lock box

    Step 5 - proceed to the shooting station of your choice and enjoy a safe, responsible and pleasant day in cordial company


     - Any guest who is under 18 years of age AND is accompanied by an NFA Liability Insured parent or a legal guardian does not require separate liability insurance coverage. As minors, they are covered by the NFA Liability Insurance of their Parent or Legal Guardian. (If in doubt about liability insurance coverage, just pay the $20. Lunch at a fast food restaurant will cost more and it's a small price for peace of mind.)

     *Remember that, although you can take as many guests as you want per range visit, ONLY THREE (3) of your guests may shoot at any one time. While ANY of your guests are shooting, YOU are DIRECTLY and ATTENTIVELY SUPERVISING them and therefore CANNOT be shooting while they are doing so.

     ** You must use a separate envelope for each of your guests. Each must have the guest's name, your name and your membership number printed on it & each must contain the required $20 fee.

     ***If you don't pay this fee or fill in the envelope properly, NEITHER YOUR GUEST NOR YOU ARE COVERED should your guest harm themselves, you, someone else, or cause damage to any property in any way. They and you are not covered by NFA Liability Insurance and YOU as the host member will bear full financial liability.