Canadian Historical Arms Society

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Frequently Asked Questons

  1. When are the CHAS Monthly Meetings

    The CHAS Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of every month.  If the first Monday is a holiday it will be held the following Monday.  The meetings are held at the Kingsway Legion, 14339 50th St, Edmonton, Alberta and the meetings are called to order @ 7:30pm.  There are no monthly meetings in July and August.

  2. How many people can I bring to the Range as guests?

    You may bring as many as you like as long as the following conditions are met;

    a.  All guests have paid the required $20 guest fee.(this is to cover the insurance fees for non-members)

    b.  Only 3 guests may shoot at one time.  While they are shooting the member is not.

    c.  Member must assume responsibility for all guests they bring onto the range.

  3. I have submitted my application and paid my fees but have not received my membership card.

    As the membership committee is a volunteer position they do their best to get the membership applications done as soon as possible.  They only pick up from MilArm once a week on the weekends.  After completion they then mail out the cards using regular Canada Post and this make take a little more time.  Please allow 4 weeks prior to inquiring about your membership.  If you would like to inquire directly you may email [email protected]  

  4. What if I do not know anyone in CHAS to sponser me?

    This is not a requirement anymore.  The online orientation has deleted this requirement.

  5. I haven't received or have lost my gate code.

    As this is a public site we cannot post the code for the gate here.  You can email the Membership Chair and after confirmation that you are a current member they will email you the code for the gate.  The email is [email protected]  Remember to keep the gate code confidential to ensure only current members are using the range.

  6. Is there a Family Membership to your club?

    The club debated family memberships a few years ago at the AGM and it was decided to not have a family membership. Note that kids under 18 can use the range for free if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a current member then they are covered under your NFA insurance and no additional fee is required. Other adults must either join the club or pay the guest fee (this covers their insurance for the day and puts some money towards range maintenance, etc).

  7. Am I required to wear my membership card while on the range?

    As per the rules and regulations of the club you are to prominently display your membership card while on the range.  If you have lost or forgot your membership card you can pay the guest fee ($20) or wait until you have your card on you. 

  8. What do I do if I have lost my membership card?

    If you have lost your membership card you can contact the Membership Committee for a replacement at [email protected].  There is a $30 processing fee for the replacement and the replacement card will not be sent out until payment has been received or you make alternate arrangements to pick it up at a meeting.

  9. How do I renew my membership to CHAS?

    Here are the options for membership renewal.

     1. Come to a general meeting and pay there.

    2. Drop off your check or money order with the form to Milarm (address located on Links page of website). This is picked up approximately once a week.

    3. Mail in the form and check or money order to the address listed on website.

     Please note: Membership renewal is not instantaneous. Once the information and payment have been received processing of the renewal can take 2-4 weeks. As per the rules and regulations of the range membership cards SHALL be displayed while on range. IF you cannot display a current membership card you must be accompanied by a current member and pay the $20 guest fee (regardless if you have sent in your payment for membership).


  10. If I join part way through the year is the membership rate pro-rated?

    No.  The membership fee is still the same through out the year.  Membership runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec.

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