Canadian Historical Arms Society

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Annual Zombie Shoot & Open House - August 19, 9 AM to 6 PM


Please note that any monies for memberships PRIOR to the completion of the AGM listed below will be for 2016 and these will expire on the 31st of December 2016.

2017 Memberships are now for sale.

If you are a new member for 2017 and paying for your membership prior to the 31st of Dec you may receive your card early in the mail.  If you receive your cards in the mail they will grant you early access to the range.  

There is NO obligation for CHAS to issue New Member or to a Member that has not renewed for 2016 their cards out to them prior to the end of this year.  This is a privilege and if time warrants they will be completed as the 2017 Year's membership runs from the 1st of January til the 31st of December 2017.

All paid members for 2016 will have access to the range until the 31st of December.  Once payment has been received and you are in possession of a 2017 Membership card you will have your access card reinstated.

Thank you
2017 Executive

President - Steve Emblin
Past-President - Leonard Horst
Vice-President - Andrew Blundell
Treasurer - Gil Barber
Secretary - Lisa Edgar
Sgt-At-Arms - Shane Monsour

Membership Dues

Greatly discussed and motions put forth but they remain the same for the 2017 year.

$160/year ($165 for Paypal)
$50 Replacement Swipe Card
$30 Replacement Membership Card

Information on our case against the CFO was presented and will come out in detail in the next newsletter


Pistol bay and Long Range Closed

Please remember that the Long Range (200-800m) and the new Pistol Bay are still closed due to lack of certification.  

With regards to the long range and pistol bay, they are still closed due to lack of certification from the CFO office.  This matter is currently with our lawyer and he is waiting on the CFO to provide key information.  We cannot speculate as to when we may expect these ranges to be open.  

When we know you will know.

Thank you

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