Notice Board

Month of March

Key notes on this months events

- 3 Gun League is starting up their skills and drills in preparation for up coming matches

- CHAS Show website up and running.

- Keep an eye out for news on upcoming shoots for DSSL

Upcoming Dates

Friday, Apr 18 All Day
Sunday, Apr 20 at 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Sunday, Apr 20 at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Monday, Apr 21 All Day

For the Month of March

CHAS Show is on the GO!  Click the button to go to the Show Website

This was found at the 25m and the 100m range. These are NOT approved targets. Not only did the person using these use them they left their garbage for someone else to pick up. The recorded footage is being gone through to find the persons responsible. If anyone knows anything about this please email with a date and approx time to narrow down the search. This will be totally anonymous and no names will be used in the investigation. When the persons responsible are found they will be dealt with in accordance with the Society bylaws.

Thank you
Vice President

While going through the footage trying to find out who is using unauthorized targets some other points have come up.

Rifles (other than pistol calibre) are only to be used on the right hand position on the 50m range for SIGHTING IN only. I have viewed persons shooting on the 25m and other positions on the 50m with rifles. This is NOT allowed.

Also the same persons are not registering with their swipe card. This could mean one of two things. Either they are too lazy to put the card in front of the access points or they are not current 2014 members. Swiping in does not only protect the Club but also protects the individuals.

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure the people that are using the range are authorized to be there. If you see someone shooting that is not displaying their 2014 badge please question them about this. If they do not have one or give you a hard time, please note the date and time and send a message to Video footage will be reviewed and it will be determined who it is. This may go as far as licence plates taken and reports submitted for trespassing.

It is OUR range and only with the help of everyone can we make it the best range in AB/Canada.

Thank you
Vice President

List of approved targets

AS of Feb 1, 2014 ALL CHAS members using Pheonix Range shall have their 2014 membership.  If you do not have your 2014 membership you will not be allowed to use the range privilege. 

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - Only PAID 2014 CHAS Members and their paid guests will be allowed to use Genesee Range.  If you do not have a 2014 member card displayed, or if you are unable to produce it immediately you will be asked to leave the range.  If you have paid for a guest and are asked to leave all monies will be forfeit.

Sign in procedure for Range

Location for General Meetings

Kingsway Legion

Entrance off 50th Street

Volunteers needed to assist with 2014 Range Maintenance and Development

Tasks to include
-Putting up plywood
-Cutting Grass
-Taking extra shooting shelters apart
-and many more